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The Unlearning Fashion School

You have style.

The rules say otherwise.

Let’s unlearn them together.

Building a wardrobe is frustrating these days. You’re bombarded with messages that tell you exactly what to wear, but the clothes don't deliver. That’s because letting rules dictate your style is like teaching a bird to fly. 

You already know who you are, so your style should follow suit. But building a functional wardrobe in today’s world requires sharp judgment and restraint -- things that can only be ‘learned’ through unlearning. These short virtual classes will advance your style and empower you to start your conscious fashion journey. 

I believe unlearning happens best when your unique wardrobe challenges are understood, which is why I’ve developed these as one-on-one sessions. Each class begins with a short, personal consult followed by a class tailored to your needs. You’ll also get a direct line to a fashion expert with over 10 years of experience.

Wherever you are in your fashion journey, The Unlearning Fashion School is here for it. All classes are virtual and priced transparently at $75 for 30 minutes. 

The first step to sustainable fashion

 is asking why before you buy.

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