The Unlearning Fashion School

You have style.

The rules say otherwise.

Let’s unlearn them together.

Building a wardrobe is frustrating these days. You’re bombarded with marketing yet simultaneously defeated when the clothes you buy don’t deliver. That’s because letting fashion’s rules dictate your style is like teaching a bird to fly. 

You already know who you are, so your style should follow naturally, right? But this is always harder than it seems. Building a functional wardrobe in today’s world requires sharp judgment and restraint -- things that can only be ‘learned’ through unlearning. These short sessions will advance your style and empower you to start or continue your conscious fashion journey on your own. 

I believe unlearning happens best when your unique wardrobe challenges are understood, which is why I’ve developed these as 1:1 sessions. I start each one with a short consultation tailored to your needs and questions. Then I cover the principles of conscious and sustainable fashion that will work for you. You’ll also establish a direct line to a fashion expert with 10 years of experience as a researcher, writer, and stylist.

Wherever you are in your fashion journey, The Unlearning Fashion School is here for it. All classes are virtual and priced transparently at $75 for 30 minutes. 

 The first step to sustainable fashion

 is asking why before you buy.