I have written on the topics of fashion, human rights, sustainability, supply chains, consumer habits and intersecting issues across an array of mediums.​

Through my work, I aim to bring critical conversation to industries that have been traditionally de-intellectualized by media (fashion, beauty, design, consumption, women's issues). 

I earned a B.S in journalism/public relations from the University of Florida and studied fashion journalism at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. In addition to my styling work, I am also the head of public relations at Fair Trade USA where I focus on global development issues in apparel and fashion supply chains.

My writing is published extensively on The Peahen, a site I founded to bring truth-telling to fashion. While I focus predominantly on styling, I occasionally take on writing and research projects. My expertise is in copywriting, journalism, op-eds, or brand writing. If this is of interest to you, please get in touch


"I hired Kasi to research ethical issues that surround common cosmetics ingredients for Axiology to use in a truth campaign and she did an outstanding job. Her research was thorough, cited, and organized. She is also super pleasant and kind to work with. Would be happy to hire her again and again and would recommend her to anyone - she's brilliant."

- Ericka Rodriguez, Founder Axiology Beauty